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Welcome to Dean Hamilton Vocal Conservatory

Dean Hamilton Vocal Conservatory
Precollege Music Training For Girls Ages 8-18 in Nationally Online

Discover a complete music education solution for aspiring vocalists of all levels at The Dean Hamilton Vocal Conservatory (DHVC) across the United States. Our group-based pre-college music education program empowers young ladies to excel in their musical journey with accessibility and flexibility.

Melissa Angulo coaching a DHVC student at the piano

The DHVC Advantage

Join our vibrant community and experience accelerated results, hyper-focused vocal technique, and the joy of learning from your peers. Our all-inclusive approach includes college and career counseling, preparing students for collegiate-level music instruction.

We are dedicated to nurturing your child's musical potential and guiding them toward their dreams. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for collegiate-level music instruction, with a focus on vocal technique, breath work, vocal agility, and performance practices. By joining us, your child gains access to a myriad of benefits:


🎵 Accelerated Results & Improvement: Thrive in a group environment, incentivized by their peers, to achieve remarkable progress in their musical journey.


🎵 Hyper-focused Vocal Technique: Receive personalized solo and ensemble repertoire assignments, weekly feedback, and assignments to foster vocal excellence.


🎵 Monthly Workshops & Guest Masterclasses: Experience pop-up workshops and learn from accomplished guest artists, enriching their musical knowledge.


🎵 Confidence Building Performances: Partake in regular solo and ensemble performances, honing their stage presence and boosting self-esteem.


🎵 Inclusive College & Career Counseling: Our team offers invaluable guidance to prepare your child for collegiate music studies and future music career choices.

What Your Daughter Can Expect

🎵 2 Lessons Per Week: Dive into vocal technique through breath work, vocal agility exercises, range expansion, and performance practices in small and large group lessons.


🎼 Musicianship: Enhance your musical skills through weekly virtual classes in music theory, musicianship, or piano proficiency.


🎤 Classes and Workshops: Participate in monthly pop-up workshops and guest artist masterclasses, honing your skills and embracing new challenges.


🎶 Performances and Ensembles: Be part of regular solo and ensemble performances, showcasing your talent and strengths.

Melissa Angulo teaching a DHVC large group lesson
DHVC students of all ages singing group warm ups

Large Group Voice Lessons

Taught Virtually Weekly & Included with Tuition

Ages 8-12 & 13-18

Small Group Voice Lessons

Taught Virtually Weekly & Included with Tuition

Ages 8-10, 11-13, 14-18

DHVC students in summer camp music rehearsal
DHVC students in a roundtable group music study session

Musicianship & Music Theory

Taught Virtually Weekly & Included with Tuition

Ages 8-10, 11-13, 14-18

Her Transformation

Through the expert guidance of Melissa Nicole Angulo, a renowned artist with a rich soprano tone, your child will undergo a profound transformation. As a versatile singer with experiences in opera, jazz, R&B, and musical theater, Melissa's teaching approach combines classical vocal technique with genres tailored to each student's unique strengths and interests.

Melissa Angulo Director of DHVC Professional Headshot

Meet Melissa Angulo,
Director & Vocal Instructor

Learn more about Melissa Angulo, a Berkeley native whose talent has graced prestigious events and productions. From premieres with renowned musicians to Grammy nominations and international performances, Melissa's expertise and passion for teaching will transform your child's musical journey.

Enroll Today

Secure a spot for your child's musical journey by completing the interest form and scheduling a consultation call. Limited spots are available, so act quickly to secure your child's place in our transformative program. 


Use the Interest Form Below to Schedule Your Consult Call & Register for your FREE Trial Lesson or Call (707) 365-2078 to Get Started!

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