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Unlock Your Daughter's Musical Brilliance!

Dean Hamilton Vocal Conservatory - Shaping Dreams, Crafting Stars

Calling all mothers with preteen daughters! Uncover the gateway to a musical realm at Dean Hamilton Vocal Conservatory, where dreams transform into melodies, and aspirations crescendo into reality.

🌟 Ignite Passion, Foster Confidence

Discover the transformative power of music education tailored for girls ages 8-18. Our unique program blends vocal technique, breath work, agility exercises, acting, and performance practices, creating a nurturing environment for your daughter's artistic evolution. At Dean Hamilton Vocal Conservatory, we believe in fostering passion, building confidence, and guiding your daughter toward a future filled with musical triumphs.

🎶 The DHVC Advantage: Embrace Excellence

  • Accelerated Results & Improvement

  • Hyper-focused Vocal Technique

  • Monthly Workshops & Guest Masterclasses

  • Confidence Building Performances

  • Inclusive College & Career Counseling

🚀 What Awaits Your Daughter:

  • 2 Lessons Per Week

  • Musicianship & Music Theory Classes

  • Dynamic Workshops & Masterclasses

  • Vibrant Solo and Ensemble Performances

Embark on an empowering journey where her talent meets opportunity!

Ready to Begin? Secure Your Daughter's Spot - Schedule a FREE Trial Voice Lesson & Consultation Today!


Immerse Your Daughter in a World of Musical Discovery

🎤 2 Lessons Per Week:

Dive deep into the world of vocal technique, breath work, and performance practices with two weekly lessons. Watch as your daughter's confidence and skills soar, supported by expert instructors and a community that celebrates every breakthrough.

🎼 Musicianship & Music Theory Classes:

Enhance her musical skills through weekly virtual classes in music theory, musicianship, or piano proficiency. These dynamic sessions lay the foundation for a well-rounded and comprehensive music education.

🌟 Monthly Workshops & Guest Masterclasses:

Melissa Angulo coaching a DHVC student at the piano

🎶 Regular Solo and Ensemble Performances:

Partake in regular solo and ensemble performances, honing her stage presence and boosting self-esteem. Witness the transformation as she takes the spotlight and shines in front of a supportive audience.

Melissa Angulo and DHVC students after Summer Camp Recital

🎓 Inclusive College & Career Counseling:

Our team offers invaluable guidance to prepare your daughter for collegiate music studies and future music career choices. From early aspirations to concrete plans, we're here to support her every step of the way.

🕹️ Student Autonomy

Experience pop-up workshops and learn from accomplished guest artists, enriching your daughter's musical knowledge. These exclusive sessions add a touch of excitement and diversity to her musical journey.

Take Center Stage - Schedule a FREE Trial Voice Lesson & Consultation Today

Watch her take control of her studies and preparation with easy to use tools and fail-proof systems for success. Our online resources empower students to experiment with what works best for them.

Who Are We Studying With?

Meet Miss Melissa

Founder and Director of the DHVC, Melissa Angulo (or Miss M) has been teaching and working with youth in the arts over 10 years. While Angulo’s teaching approach is rooted in classical technique, it is not limited to a book or any one genre. Angulo teaches students from the basis of classical vocal technique to approach Classical, Opera, Musical Theater, R&B, Jazz, Rock, and Pop. Each student has their own unique set of strengths, interests, and past knowledge and must be addressed as an individual. Angulo does not just aim to create good singers, but great musicians. Through taking what comes naturally to a student and nurturing it, comes the most fulfilled musicians. Angulo has helped past students step into University of Southern California, University of Michigan, New England Conservatory, UCLA, Rice University, Michigan State, Columbia University, Berklee College of Music, and more, armed with skills and scholarships.


Berkeley native Melissa Angulo (or Miss M), known for her rich and compelling soprano tone, is an artist on the rise. A singer equally at home in styles of opera, jazz, rhythm & blues, and musical theater. In 2022, Angulo premiered a new work by french hornist Jefferey Scott, alum of Imani Winds with the Quadre Horn Quartet including members of the San Francisco Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Portland Opera, and University of Michigan Faculty. Angulo sang alongside Frederica Von Stade at the 2015 Mendocino Music Festival. With participation in the University of Michigan University Choir, Angulo received her first Grammy nomination in 2014 under the baton of Kenneth Kiesler for Best Opera Recording. Additionally, in 2014, she covered the role of Inez in Virago Theater’s production of Il Trovatore, and in 2013, she took 1st place in the Pacific Musical Society Vocal Competition in the 19-25 category, adjudicated by Frederica Von Stade, Olivia Stapp, and the late Lotfi Mansouri.  She has sung for events such as the Bear Valley Music Festival, the 100 Club Gala, Music and Wine in the Vineyards, the Arts Medallion Luncheon and Ceremony, and Open Opera’s Summer Sizzle. 

Melissa Angulo DHVC Director and Head Vocal Instructor in a professional headshot
Melissa Angulo and DHVC students after Summer Camp Recital

Who We're For

Dean Hamilton Vocal Conservatory is designed with mothers and their preteen daughters in mind, creating a haven for musical exploration and growth. If you're a mother who envisions her daughter stepping into the spotlight, surrounded by a supportive community, you've found the perfect place. Here’s who we help:

  • The Social Butterfly:

    • Concerns: Navigating peer pressure, social dynamics, and building lasting friendships.

    • How We Help: Our program boosts confidence, enhances social skills, and provides a supportive community, empowering girls to navigate social challenges with resilience.

  • The Time-Strapped Achiever:

    • Concerns: Balancing academics, extracurriculars, and personal time for a well-rounded life.

    • How We Help: Dean Hamilton Vocal Conservatory offers a structured and time-efficient program, fostering effective time management, communication skills, and self-assurance.

  • The Shy Songbird:

    • Concerns: Overcoming shyness, improving communication, and building self-esteem.

    • How We Help: Our program creates a supportive environment, encourages self-expression, and gently exposes shy girls to social situations, fostering gradual growth and confidence.

  • The Academic Artisan:

    • Concerns: Managing academic stress, peer competition, and overall well-being.

    • How We Help: Beyond vocal skills, our program instills resilience, effective time management, and emotional well-being, supporting girls in managing academic challenges.

  • The Tech-Savvy Melody Maker:

    • Concerns: Balancing screen time, addressing online safety, and cultivating a balanced lifestyle.

    • How We Help: Dean Hamilton Vocal Conservatory provides real-world, offline experiences, balancing the digital world with engaging activities that promote a well-rounded lifestyle.

  • The Curious Melody Explorer:

    • Concerns: Curious about music but never explored singing, seeking a new avenue for self-expression.

    • How We Help: Dean Hamilton Vocal Conservatory introduces the world of singing in a fun and engaging way, encouraging the curious explorer to unlock her musical potential.

  • The Multifaceted Muse:

    • Concerns: Involved in various activities but has never considered singing, looking for a new dimension to her interests.

    • How We Help: Dean Hamilton Vocal Conservatory adds a new facet to her diverse interests, providing a space where she can explore and enhance her creativity through singing.

  • The Playful Harmonizer:

    • Concerns: Playful and full of energy, looking for a joyful way to channel her enthusiasm.

    • How We Help: Dean Hamilton Vocal Conservatory turns her playfulness into harmonious melodies, providing a lively and engaging environment for her to discover the joy of singing.

  • The Future Songwriter:

    • Concerns: Aspiring to write songs but has never sung before, eager to bring her lyrical ideas to life.

    • How We Help: Our program empowers the future songwriter, teaching her the basics of singing to amplify her songwriting skills and transform ideas into musical expressions.

  • The Culturally Curious Performer:

    • Concerns: Exploring cultural identity, addressing peer influences, and fostering inclusivity.

    • How We Help: Our program encourages diversity, inclusivity, and cultural appreciation, providing a space where girls can explore their identity in a supportive community.

Ready to Begin? Schedule a FREE Trial Voice Lesson & Consultation Now!


Emily T., CA

“My daughter Rosie is currently taking voice lessons at Dean Hamilton Vocal Conservatory. Ms.Angulo not just improved Rosie's singing skill, she also helped her on professionalism, maturity and personality growth. We appreciate her deep understanding of what is like to be a female artist in the society. Highly recommend her and her school!”

Chloe J., TX

“My daughter’s musical talent has flourished under Miss M. She practices all on her own without being asked to.”

Natasha N., IN

“Ms. M is very professional and really sweet with the kids.”

🎉 Unleash Your Daughter's Musical Potential Now!

DHVC students of all ages singing vocal warmups as a group

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Your daughter's musical journey is ready to take flight, and it all begins with a simple step – scheduling a consultation call. By taking this leap, you're opening the door to a world of possibilities for her. Here's what you stand to gain:


🔍 Tailored Insights: Gain insights into how our program aligns with your daughter's musical goals through a personalized consultation call.


🎤 Exclusive Trial Lesson: Immerse her in the magic of music with a FREE trial lesson, an exclusive opportunity to experience the vibrancy of Dean Hamilton Vocal Conservatory.


🌟 Community & Growth: Join a community that nurtures growth, celebrates individuality, and propels her towards musical excellence.



Seize the moment, secure her spot, and let the joy of her musical dreams begin!


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Secure a spot for your child's musical journey by completing the interest form and scheduling a consultation call. Limited spots are available, so act quickly to secure your child's place in our transformative program. 

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