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Welcome to the DHVC
Introductory Vocal Tutorial

Step into the enchanting realm of vocal refinement as we unravel the intricacies of "The Star-Spangled Banner." Guided by my years of experience, I am Melissa Angulo, honored to walk you through your first introduction of our work at Dean Hamilton Vocal Conservatory. In this exclusive video series, we delve into the art of breath control and nuanced sound production, setting the stage for a captivating vocal journey. Join me as we navigate each step meticulously, unfurling the anthem's beauty note by note. Embark on this melodic adventure and unlock your true vocal potential. Elevate your artistry through our trial lesson, a gateway to a harmonious future.

Even if you've sung it before, try it DHVC-Style!

Stream the Practice Track

Star Spangled Banner

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1. The Breath

Let's kick things off by nailing the basics – controlled breathing. We'll give your voice the power it needs to shine, ensuring you're belting out those notes like a pro.

2. The Mouth

Time to dive into the nitty-gritty. We'll chat about where to position your mouth and tongue for those crystal-clear, jaw-dropping tones.

3. “The Star-Spangled Banner” on “Buh”

No rush here! We're taking it one sweet step at a time, breaking down that anthem melody so you can own it, note by note.

"O Say Can You See"
"By The Dawn's Early Light"
"What So Proudly We Hailed"
"And The Rocket's Red Glare"
"The Bombs Bursting In Air"
"Gave Proof Through The Night"

Ready to Begin? Secure Your Daughter's Spot - Schedule a FREE Consultation Call Today!

4. Let's put it all together!

Now's the moment you've been waiting for. Follow this Sing-Along Video and let's rock through the entire anthem – just you, your incredible voice, and the music.

*Hiss-Along ^^^

As a Bonus, Use This to Warm Up Your Voice Too!

  1. Listen to the Sing-Along and instead of singing, take a deep breath and hiss along with the song.

  2. Make sure to breathe at the same points as when you sing.

  3. Keep hissing for the whole time that you would if you were singing it.

  4. Keep your mouth shape and tongue the same as if you were singing.


Here’s an example:

Hissing Example

Don’t stop the fun now!

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