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The DHVC’s Vocal Essentials:
Group Voice Class Online

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Beginner - Advanced Level

Join our dynamic group online class where young singers can explore and develop their vocal talents in a fun and supportive environment! This 60-minute class is ideal for aspiring vocalists who want to learn essential singing techniques for all genres, perform confidently, and make new friends along the way.

Class Experience

As a professional opera singer with a professional background in singing and teaching children, I help young vocalists improve their singing abilities through tailored exercises and engaging group activities. This program offers an excellent introduction to the fundamentals of singing while fostering a sense of community among young artists.

Do you want your child to enhance their singing voice quickly and efficiently, avoid vocal strain, and learn performance techniques in a fun and collaborative setting? Yes? Then this class is perfect for them.

This class is designed for new singers, developing vocalists, and young musical theater enthusiasts!

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What We Cover Throughout our group lessons, we will cover the following topics: Breath Work and Vocal Agility: Techniques to improve breath control and vocal agility, helping young singers manage their breath and sing with ease. Range Expansion and Vocal Techniques: Exercises to expand vocal range and develop proper singing techniques, ensuring healthy vocal growth. Performance Practices: Skills to enhance stage presence and performance quality, including acting techniques and emotional expression. Musicianship and Music Theory: Understanding musical concepts and improving musicianship through interactive and engaging activities. Confidence Building: Activities designed to boost self-esteem and encourage self-expression, helping students become confident performers. Lesson Structure Each lesson will begin with a 5-to-10-minute vocal warm-up tailored to the group’s needs. We will focus on posture, breath support, and vocal techniques. After warm-ups, students will have the opportunity to sing and receive constructive feedback. We will also work on group songs and activities that encourage teamwork and build stage presence. Students will be guided in choosing songs that suit their unique voice type and style, and they will learn to perform with confidence and emotion. Additional Features Saturday Group Lessons: Sit in on our group lessons via livestream every Saturday to reinforce learning and enjoy additional practice. Ask Miss M Access: Get answers to vocal questions directly from Miss M. Co-Practice Daily Study Hall Access: Join our daily study hall for guided practice sessions and peer support. Flexibility and Continued Learning Group lessons are designed to be engaging and interactive, providing a dynamic learning experience for all participants. The vocal coach will build upon each lesson to enrich your child’s understanding of their voice and enhance their performance skills. I have extensive experience teaching students aged 8 to 18 over the past seven years through online video calls, conducting thousands of lessons during this time. I strive to create a positive, stress-free environment to ensure your child feels comfortable, supported, and free to explore and develop their singing and performance abilities. I can’t wait to see your child in class! Pricing $40 per class: An affordable way to receive top-tier vocal training. $60 for additional 30-minute private lessons.

Suggested Meeting Frequency

To ensure effective learning, it is suggested to meet 2x per week. Additional recurring meetings can be booked after the initial purchase.

Available Times

Group Instruction

Group Instruction
Private Instruction

Add-On Private Instruction
(Must attend group lessons to book)

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